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Marina Laghi di Sibari
87011 Cassano Allo Ionio (CS) Italy  -  +39 0981 79027 -



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 Europe > Italy > Calabria > Cosenza > Sibari (CS)

Gulf of Taranto
Situated in the center of the Gulf of Taranto Sibari is the ideal Base for voyages towrds the Adriatic, Sicily, Malta, Greece or Turkey.


Excavations of Sibari

Sibari, the most ancient and famous Hellenic colony in Magna Graecia, was founded by the Peloponnesian Ackaeans in the VIII century B.C. in the centre of the Gulf of Taranto, among the terminal stretches of the Rivers Krathis and Sybaris (today's Crati ana Coscile), whose mouths offered excellent mooring possibilities. The city, thanks to the fertility of its plain in which it was situated, became the main peopling centre of the district and one of the greatest in the ancient world. Its inhabitants were estimated about 300,000. Besides the agricultural activities the commercial ones developed very soon, which made Sibari the greatest trading centre among the cities of the eastern Mediterranean and the Italic western world, as well as an active traffic bridge among Greece, Italic Hellas and Etruria. Between the half of the VII century and the lust decades of the VI, Sibari reached the apogee of its power and wealth. But together with its economic prosperity and political power there was a custom decadence which made the Sybarites famous for their magnificence, refinement and lust. All of this excited the envy of many cities, especially of the powerful Croton which, under the influence of the philosopher Pythagoras, was experiencing a period of revival of all the civil, spiritual and moral virtues. Shortly before 510 B.C. when the tyranny of Telis was established, the partisans of the overthrown aristocratic government took refuge in Croton which refused to hand them over to the tyrant. As a result a battle on the River Traente (today's Trionto) took -place which turned into the victory of the Crotoniates who, after a few weeks' siege, forced Sibari to surrender. The city was razed to the ground and, according to what Herodotus reports (V45), the Crotoniates diverted the course of the River Crati so that it flew onto the ruins.
The city, which was long sought by the archaeologists, was located for certain and brought to light as from the sixties. The excava¬tions have not only shown the remains of the ancient Sibari but also wider ruins of Turi, the Panhellenic colony which was built on it in 444 -443 B.C. and became later on (194 B.C.) the Roman colony of Copia.

As to reach
The landing away sea is situated to
39° 44' 383" N latitude
and 16° 30' 679" And longitude
Highway A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria Km 208:
- Gone out Sibari - I Sign -
- SS 534 - SS 106 - Marina of Sibari
or Highway A14 gone out for Taranto
- SS106 - Sibari
Regular service of line Rome, Naples, Bari, Milan, Munchen for Sibari with bus big tourism.
Railway port Sibari
for information:
Airport Lamezia Terme
for information:


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