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Marina Laghi di Sibari
87011 Cassano Allo Ionio (CS) Italy  -  +39 0981 79027 -



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Contract of mooring »
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in force since 1st of april 1999)


  • As regards multi-hull boats, call or laying up rates will rise 50%.
  • As regards boats longer than 20 meters and wider than 7 meters the above-mentioned rates will be agreed upon from time to time.
  • The rates for call or laying up right are all-in and the amount includes possible periods of absence for cruise or temporary transfer.
  • The above-mentioned rates regard all the harbour services (insu¬rance policies, fire-fighting equipment, lighting, cleaning, mooring, watching, use of bathrooms with hot water).
  • The payment shall be effected in advance. The overdue periods from the expiry to the renewal of the contract will be calculated according to the daily rate.
  • The rates for after-hours services will be raised 50%. (After-hours services are those provided after the closing of the dockyards, on Sundays from 01/5 to 30/9 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 1/10 to 30/4).
  • Sheltered car parks on lease and trailer watching are at the customers' disposal (see separate price list).
  • As regards the shed sheltering, see separate price list.

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Services Included in the Docking Prices


  • Lighting of landing-wharf and mooring-piles.

  • Unsheltered car park
  • Drinking water at every mooring.
  • Electricity 230 V AC at every mooring (winter extra).
  • Mooring assistance.
  • Guarded service of boat-key consignment.
  • Mooring check and boat trim.
  • Daily weather forecast.

  • Public services:
    • hot water showers, toilets, w.c,
    • laundry provided with slot washing-machines.

  • Refuse and oil- containers collection services.
  • Fire insurance and civil liability.

          Other services, not included in the mooring prices:
          Pump of premium green petrol and diesel oil - Gas cylinder outlet


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