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Marina Laghi di Sibari
87011 Cassano Allo Ionio (CS) Italy  -  +39 0981 79027 -



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Information for Arriving Boat

Nautical Charts , Pilot Books:

Italy: Italian chart Nr. I 26, portolano del Mediterrananeo volume 1B.
Pilot book: Pagine Azzurre

English: Italian chart Nr. I 26, Britishh chart BA 198
Pilot book: Italian Waters Pilot 1998,
Rod Heikell, Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd.

German: Italian chart Nr. I 26, German chart DHI Nr. 661.
Pilot book: Kuestenhandbuch Italien, Rod Heikell
, Rod Heikell, ISBN 3-89225-348-X

GPS position of the entrance channel buoy:
Lat 39 44,383 N, Long 1630,679 E

Entrance Procedure:
If possible arrival by daylight
Contact the marina Tel. 0981 79027 for entrance instructions
Wait for the pilot boat to guide you in

Do not attempt to enter with strong Northeast- to Southeast winds.

The harbour of Schiavonea is very useful as a safe and sheltered harbour with strong onshore from Northeast to Southeast  winds.
Shelter in all weather conditions at Schiavonea (Corigliano Calabro):

If possible, we recommend you plan your trip to arrive in the morning.

Contact Marina Tel. 098179027  to get instructions for pilotage through the entrance channel..

The harbour is not guarded and open to all people 24 hours. The local fishing boats are not very keen to find their places taken by yachts.

To avoid thefts, do not leave your boat unattended.

Dockyard working hours

Monday to Friday
Morning 07.30 to 12.00; Afternoon 13.30 to 17.00

Saturday and Sunday

service personnel on demand.

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Dockyard working hours

Monday to Friday
Morning 08.30 to 12.30; Afternoon 14.50 to 18.00

Morning 8.30 to 12.40


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